TUFF Safety Solutions UK is based in Aberdeen, UK. We are proud to present the best possible Hot Work Safety solutions to operators in the North Sea and all over Europe. We can provide you with both pressurized welding habitats from TUFFSS™ and the unique heat shrink wrap solutions from TUFF Shrink Wrap. A lot of times you will get the better of two worlds when combining the products to give you a full solution that suits your needs.

TUFF SAFETY SOLUTIONS™ or (TUFFSS™) works worldwide providing both Hot-Work solutions, safety solutions, and more. All based on the unique products from Tri-Diamond™. TUFFSS™ is a brand shared by a conglomerate of companies worldwide.

TUFF Safety Solutions™ or TUFFSS™ is brand name for safety solutions and was originally developed by Tri-Diamond™ in the U.S.A. where the original design process and manufacturing originated. All manufacturing is still being conducted in the U.S.A. and is closely supervised for timeliness and quality assurance by the original designers. Every item manufactured goes through a rigorous design, fabrication and control processbefore it is approved by and guaranteed by Tri-Diamond™ certified personnel.

Since its initial inception in the U.S.A., TUFF SAFETY SOLUTIONS™ has since branched out with local independently owned companies in several other countries and regions worldwide. All TUFFSS™ companies, branches and offices adhere to the same high standards that the original company in the U.S.A. upholds. All training of technicians and supervisors is performed and supervised by Tri-Diamond™.

Likewise, all solutions for our clients is supervised, and ultimately approved byTri-Diamond™. This is to ensure that TUFFSS™ will always be recognized with the same superior standard no matter where in the world it operates.

"In the early morning hours of October 11, 2012 three workers were in the process of repairing a welding tank containing 10,000 gallons of gases. The welding tank was also connected to another tank that was currently in production. The welders did not check the area for detectable gases outside the tank being repaired because the tank was not in production, nor was any attempt made to monitor the area. Consequently, the welding created an explosion causing the death of the three welders and significant damage to the production area. As result of this deadly and costly mistake, families are now without their loved ones and the company subsequently lost tens of millions of dollars."

This is based on a real life situation and is not just a simulation. TUFF's solutions would have saved the lives of the three workers, the loss and devastation to their families and millions of dollars in damages and lost revenues to the company.

"I find it tragic that we continue to see lives lost from hot work accidents, which occur all too frequently despite long-known procedures that can prevent them. Facility managers have an obligation to assure the absence of a flammable atmosphere in areas where hot work is to take place."

CSB (The U.S. Chemical Safety Board) Chairperson Rafael Moure-Eraso

The most important task for TUFF is to make sure your workers are safe and your INVESTMENT is protected.
That's why we developed the Tri-Diamond™ Habitat.
Safe Hot-Work, Saves Lives.